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Happy Baby

Baby Naming Ceremonies

Naming ceremonies are a beautiful memory.
​One to cherish forever.

It's an exciting journey to choose your baby's name.
And now you want to celebrate the wonder of this wee person you have created. Yippee!

The options are infinite for a naming ceremony:
You can include readings/blessings from Grandparents and friends, parental promises, the birth story from Dad’s perspective, a formal naming section, a hand print memento of the day, a wishing tree, a naming certificate, appoint mentors/godparents, and lots of balloons and bubbles... Wherever your imagination takes you. 


​Having a celebrant lead your ceremony adds a touch of formality to the occasion, and ensures a confident presence to keep things going (children can be unpredictable).


You want someone who is relaxed with children, and ADORES babies.


Having a naming ceremony when a child is turning 1 year old seems to work really well, but it can be a fantastic occasion at any age.


Naming Ceremony Package - $375

Package includes a meeting, a beautifully crafted ceremony, being there on the day.

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