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Master of Ceremonies

Being asked to serve as MC at a wedding is a huge honour, but it also comes with a lot of pressure.
Contrary to popular belief, the MC is not there to be the centre of attention or to be a comedian.
They are the HOST of the event, and it is their job to keep the proceedings on time and to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves.

There are 7 things to think about when appointing an MC:

1.   Have a plan

They need to have a good idea of the order and flow of the event, how to pronounce peoples' names and know what they are going to say. It doesn't need to be 100% scripted but it does need to be warm, friendly and on topic.


2.   Don't drink

Your MC is the ‘sober driver’ of your event, to keep you on time and to be there to trouble-shoot problems. Pick a non-drinker.


3.   Meet the vendors

Your MC needs to work in with all your key vendors to help create a fantastic occasion, where you don't have to do anything but turn up! 


4.   Can use a mic

You want them to check all the technology beforehand and be confident with a microphone.


5.   Open strong and get out of the way

An MC's job is not to ramble on telling stories or jokes. To a large extent they are there to keep things moving along at a good pace, and to introduce speakers/other elements quickly and positively. The event will probably have a set end-time and you don't want to run out of time.


6.   Approach humour with caution

Who doesn't love a good joke, but being an MC is NOT always about being funny. It's about being welcoming and genuine, and making everyone else shine.


7.   Know your audience

You want your MC to have a good idea of who the audience is, where they are from and what the age range will be. You want the foreigners to be welcomed in their own language and you don't want to see people cringing because the wrong thing has been said.

AND, if you don't have someone who can fulfill this brief, then you know where I am. 

"Jane, we expected you to be amazing but you surpassed even our wildest expectations! We loved how professional and helpful you were in the lead up and your on the day presence was incredible. Everyone commented on how great you were during the ceremony and running the show as MC...
All our love and eternal recommendations."

Paige and Tic-H’sia, 2019


POA for events or part of my Wedding Platinum Package to MC your reception up until your first dance.

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