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Registry Ceremonies

If you want to keep your wedding REALLY simple, a registry ceremony could be all you need.

A government appointed registry celebrant (such as me) can officiate a Registry Ceremony for you – a simple, short, legal ceremony (just like what used to happen at the office) BUT your ceremony can take place inside, outside, at home, at the park... (not at an event venue, hotel, or restaurant)


There is NO scope for any personalisation

A maximum of 10 guests can attend

The Government determines the short script

The fee is $90 (to be paid in full prior to your ceremony)

This is a Monday to Friday service (excluding public holidays and the Christmas and New Year break)

The ceremony takes place within 10 kms of my home in Woodend

You need to provide 2 people to be your legal witnesses

You cannot involve other parties such as professional photographers, videographers, wedding party etc...

If you are more than 15 minutes late you will need to rebook a new time and pay a further $90

You're getting the gist, right?

I can send you full details of the terms and conditions for this service.

If this sounds like a little TOO little for what you're wanting, check out my Elopement Package or Bronze Package, or have a chat to me and we can come up with a fair price and package together.


Here is how to apply…


  1. Click on the Begin new application “Next” button

  2. Click on “Registry ceremony”

  3. Click on “Next” button

  4. Enter a date within the next 3 months that is Monday to Friday

  5. Start keying CHRISTCHURCH and select it from the drop down list when it displays

  6. You'll see a list of registry celebrants, select Jane Godfrey, and carry on from there...

  7. Your Marriage Licence and Particulars of Marriage are sent directly to me, along with an email with your contact details

  8. I will make contact with you and confirm the date, time and place you wish to marry

  9. A reminder that the set fee for this service is $90 so celebrants are not expected to travel more than 10 kms from their home. However, if I am going to be in Christchurch city on your preferred day, I am happy to officiate your marriage, so it is always worth getting in touch!

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